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Traditional Archery: We specialize in Port Orford Cedar arrows. We also make arrows out of Poplar, Bamboo or modern shafts. Poplar light and strong and less expensive than cedar. They do tend to go out of straight more than cedar, but are also easy to hand straigthen. We also make arrows from Bamboo, which is light and strong. I can and will make special orders for aluminum or carbon arrows, but all of our arrows are fletched from full length feathers, cut to length and burned to shape. This gives a more consistent gluing pressure and a perfect shape to the final trio of fletchings. Although I can make a fine plastic vaned arrow for compound shooting, I prefer wood and feathers. Those orders would take priority. I can do endless loop or Flemish twist stings for traditional bows. My strings have a ‘special touch’ that makes the endless loops stronger. I also due a one loop Flemish for use withy the bowyers Knot (timber hitch) on the lower limb to give more flexibility in maintaining string height (fistmele). The price of new recurves and longbows has gone out of sight, but we will work with you to get the model and weight of your choice at the best possible price. If we cannot beat the price of the bigger online dealers, we will let you know right off. We will also try to keep a supply of good used bows on hand, also they are getting pricy too! Some old models are selling for more than new ones!

Youth Archery: My first love is the support of youth shooting and the advancement of the sport of archery. We offer several levels of youth arrows for target and ‘action’ shooting. The Action Arrow is a spiraled flu-flu with an HTM rubber blunt and very popular with camp programs for safety and fun. A child would much rather knock over a jug or spin a wheel or other novelties that poke holes in paper. If they knock over a gallon jug they yell ‘I got it’! If they hit the red or blue instead of gold they usually say I missed it! We also carry entry level bows and safety accessories.

Primitive Archery: Primitive Archery competition is becoming popular and nearly all the ‘Mountain Man’ rendezvous in the Pacific Northwest. I am not sure about the rest of the country, but it is happening from California to Colorado too. The rules usually are all wood bows and arrows. The bow cannot have a rest, a string serving or nock point. The arrow must have a self nock or natural nock such as hardwood, horn or bone. No plastic. Feathers are generally straight cut. The point is to simulate Native American bows and arrows. Often the points can or must be commercial target or field points to preserve the targets, but some of the ‘real primitives’ require hand made or ‘trade points’ We make primitive arrows form Cedar, Poplar and Bamboo. We can also make them of other indigenous material if available. We offer all these options for very reasonable prices. We also offer ‘wall hangers’ as well – all hand made shafts and stone points with feathers hand cut from the quill and sinew wrapped. We have bowstrings of artificial sinew or Irish Linen to satisfy the ‘no modern material’ look of many of these Rendezvous.

SCA Archery: SCA tournaments are offering target rounds of archery and combat rounds of swords and spears that include the bow & arrow as well. We can make archery equipment to meet all of these venues. We have all wood longbows of hickory or red oak – linen backed if you like. We have arrows with spiral wrapped fletch that look like they came off the Mary Rose. You can order with several types of English bodkins or swallowtail points, or with conventional field points.