Just Good Lube

Product Description

 Just Good Lube is an all-natural product made from beeswax and jojoba oil.  It can be used in several different ways: Patch Lube,  Bullet Lube,  Wood Protector,  Metal Preservative,  Leather Dressing,  Lip Balm,  Chapped Skin and probably more good uses we have not thought of.
In the 1800’s one of the best patch lubes, by some accounts, was sperm whale oil.  This oil was banned by the Endangered Species Act of 1971.   Jojoba oil has a remarkable similarity to sperm whale oil and has been used by the military and industry as a replacement for it.  Jojoba Oil resists oxidation, prevents rust and penetrates and adheres to metal and wood.  It will penetrate where petroleum oils fail.  Just Good Lube does not dry to a gummy film that attracts lint and dirt.  It also withstands high pressures and high heat, which no doubt accounts for its good patch lube characteristics.
For hundreds of years, Native Americans of the Southwest have used Jojoba oil for the treatment of wounds, skin afflictions, and hair tonic.   It is currently used in many different cosmetics as well.
Just Good Lube is sold in a re-usable 3 oz. can.