Ol’ Thunder

Using Ol’ Thunder as a patch lube, you can fire untold shots without having to wipe between shots, even with heavy loads. As a bore solvent, it provides quick, easy and thorough clean-up in less time than you would imagine. There are no caustic chemicals in this to harm finishes on the metal or wood of the firearm.

How to clean your gun with Ol’ Thunder

Remove the barrel from the stock and remove the nipple from the barrel.  Pour about 6 – 8 ounces of Ol Thunder Bore Solvent into an empty coffee can or equivalent and toss the nipple into a tuna can with just enough to cover it.  Then put the can on the floor and place the breech end of the barrel into the can, wet a cleaning patch with the solution, and using a ramrod with a good cleaning jag holding the wet patch, gently push it down the barrel until it stops.  Pull the rod back and forth 4 – 6″ three or four strokes to get the solvent pulled into the barrel.  Then start making full length strokes, washing the entire length of the bore with the solvent.  It will only take 8 or 10 strokes to clean even the dirtiest barrel.
NOTE: Be particularly cautious when you are approaching the top of the stroke to avoid squirting bore solvent around, especially if you are using a bore guide.  Wrap a shop towel around the muzzle to avoid this problem. Carefully remove the ramrod from the bore (so you don’t splash solvent all over the place).  At this point, turn the barrel muzzlelside down to drain, and clean the lock area on the stock. After the barrel has drained a bit, run a clean patch down the bore a couple of full strokes, turn the patch over and repeat.  If necessary,  do this again with another clean patch.  Then take a final clean patch, put some preservative (Just Good Lube is an excellent choice) on the patch and coat the inside of the bore and the outside of the barrel. Retrieve the nipple from the solvent, brush off any built up carbon, make sure the passage is clear and coat the threads with a little dab of Just Good Lube, and install the nipple. Reassemble the rifle and it is ready for your next trip afield. For firearms that do not break down easily, I have found that a flush tube running from the barrel to a reservoir of solvent works just as well. This is an easy and efficient system for firearm cleaning that provides excellent results in very little time. Order it today!