Modern Primitive bows and arrows are a subset of Traditional Archery meant to replicate the styles and materials of ancient days. Most organizations require that primitve bows and arrows be made of all natural material. We make bows and arrows that are primarily used in the Mountain Man Rondys or the Historical Reinactments of Pre 1850. This most often requires that the bow not have an arrow shelf and the string not have a serving or nock point. Arrows must at least have feather fletch and wood shaft and commonly be self nocked.

Bows are available in many lengths up to 72 inch which are capable of full draw for most  shooters.  We also offer shorter bows which can be used for instinctive style shooting and shorter draw lengths.  The primary wood used is Hickory which provides a good stable bow wood for an affordable price.  Glacier Traditional Archerey also make bows of Osage Orange and Pacific Yew for the best wood bows wanted by experienced archers. We do make bows with natural laminations and you need to know if primary events will allow this.

Our primitive bows are made with no arrow shelf and a string made of artificial sinew for safety and a long string life.  Our primitive bows generally have a stitched Buckskin grip for less slippage and  a comfortable feel. We can cut in a shelf for right or left hand at your request.

Glacier Traditional Archery also offers a canvas quiver in many color options that will pass historical muster at most primitive or medieval events.

Primitive arrows are made from Port Orford Cedar, Poplar and Bamboo.  We offer any color fletch feather that Trueflight makes, plus natural Turkey and Goose.  Most folk prefer the more subdued and natural looking fletchings on their Primitime arrows for a more historic look.