Cross Bow – Aluminum Prod


Solid Fletch BoltXbow met cocked 1000


Glacier Traditional Archery makes medieval crossbows from all natural materials except the commercial metal prod..  This would be considered a ‘huntsman’ or ‘commoners’ crossbow which differs from the Military style that had metal hardware and a much heavier weight.  The prod is made of tempered Aluminum and the stock is made of Poplar.  The trigger is of a variety of heavier hardwoods.  The string and wrapping cords are made of artificial sinew.  Draw weights a between 45 and 85 pounds at 12″ full draw.  This primitve device does not have any safety mechanism so be very careful not to load the string and dry fire it, and especially careful to only load a bolt when pointed at the target.

This crossbow can be used for SCA or Medieval target events and any other sporting target or hunting that complies with your local and state laws.

The crossbow comes with 6 bolts.


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