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Glacier Traditional Archery makes spiral wrapped Flu Flu arrows for bird hunting, limited flight shooting and games for adults and youth. These have been used at Traditional Archery events, Mountain Man Rondys, SCA Archery events (the Poppinjay Shoot) and especially popular with Youth and Scouts in “Action Archery” – a game with swinging or knockover targets using rubber blunts and lightweight bows.  This allows a safe event in a small range area where kids have loads of fun.  After more than 50 years experience with youth archery shooting, I can attest that kids have way more fun knocking over an ‘action target’ than poking holes in a piece of paper.

Flu Flus are made on Cedar or Poplar shafts of 11/32″ or 51/6″ diameter based on length and spine.  You can have your choice of a variety of plastic nock colors and the shafts are full length dipped in bright lacquer colors: Red, Yellow, Orange or Blue.  We make them with the brightest solid color feathers available from True Flight.  Youth Flu Flu are 5/16″ and come with an HTM Rubber blunt.  Adult Flu Flu are available with field points, Judo Points or rubber blunts.  Prices vary based on shaft and point choice.  Standard price shown is the youth flu flu sold by the each price – but we will discount for quantity.  Adult flu flu are $8 each with cedar shafts and $7 each with Poplar shafts. Please specifiy your request on the contact page and we will conform your order with an email or phone call.


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