Medieval/SCA Arrow : per dozen



Medieval and SCA arrows are made of Port Orford Cedar,  Poplar or Bamboo shafts with the fletch shaped to the Olde English Style.  Arrows can be ordered in plain or stained wood, or a variety of color combinations, generally selected to match your device colors.  Arrows can also be spiral wrapped with a variety of linen thread colors to emulate the style of original medieval arrows.  Fletching is still full length glued for long term durability.  Arrows come with field points installed to your required arrow length since most events require these points.  We have a variety of medieval replica points which can be purchased and installed if desired for an additional cost. (see medieval points)  Base price is for Poplar shafts, Bamboo Shafts are $100/dozen and Cedar Shafts are $105/dozen. Full wrap is an additional $20/dozen on any shaft.


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