Ol’ Thunder Blackpowder Lube

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Using Ol’ Thunder as a patch lube, you can fire untold shots without having to wipe between shots, even with heavy loads.  As a bore solvent, it provides quick, easy and thorough clean-up in less time than you would imagine. There are no caustic chemicals in this formula to harm finishes on the metal or wood of the firearm. Ol’ Thunder comes in 8oz., pint and quart bottles.  Ol’ Thunder is your best choice for range shooting or trail walks. You can pre lube your patches and carry them in a small waterproof container. We carry the empty tins used for Just Good Lube for this purpose. You will be pleased at the accuracy you can get with this lube, the ease of loading and especially the convenience of not having to swab your barrel every couple of shots.  Ol’ Thunder is water based so is not recommended as an all day hunting patch as the water could eventually foul the charge. Please conside Just Good Lube for this purpose.  Just Good lube is also great as a barrell preservative after you do a thorough cleaning with Ol’ Thunder.

Ol’ Thunder comes in Quart Bottles for $11.00, Pint bottles for $7.00 and 8 oz. bottles for $5.50

Please specify size on your order.

1 review for Ol’ Thunder Blackpowder Lube

  1. kalani

    Great product for cleaning my cap lock. I especially like not needing water to clean my weapon. only thing i need to do is mark the 16 oz bottle so do not need to measure the stuff. Cleans my rifle quickly with out undo fuss.

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