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Glacier Traditional Archery makes custom primitive arrows from Port Orford Cedar, Poplar or Bamboo.  We fletch all our arrows with True Flight feathers which we believe are by far the best fletching feathers available.  We can offer any fletch color combination available from True Flight but most primitve archers prefer the more subdued colors for a natural look.  We also offer natural Turkey and Grey Goose feathers. We use full length full height feathers which we cut to specific length then glue on in our fletching jigs. This process allows the most consistence gluing pressure – better than die cut feathers. We then burn to your preferred shape using the Young feather trimmer.  This will give you a more precise and conistent fletch on your entire set of arrows. Our standard fletch is the Primitive Straight or Razor shape, but we can make Parabolic, Banana or Pope&Young shapes – or any custom shape that you like if you give us a picture.

We cut in self nocks with a special router table and fence to give you a smooth and consistent nock.  Arrows are wrapped with artificial sinew at the nock and both ends of the fletch.  This adds protection for the nock and gives you an authenticity in primitive arrows that few other companies offer.

Arrows will be made on 11/32″ or 5/16″ diameter shafts based on length and spine – and according to your preferences as available. Bamboo arrows are natural shoots and are close to 5/16″ average diameter but do vary a bit according to spine.

Arrows are clear lacquer dipped and all three fletchings are the same color to be consistent with historical arrows.  We can add a separate color cock feather to you specification.  Please consult your local event rules if you intend to use these at sanctioned competitions.

Arrows will be cut to your draw length and come standard with 125 gr field points on 11/32″ arrows and 100 gr field points on 5/16″. Other point weights are available upon request.  All arrows are priced per dozen with points installed.  Or standard price shown is for 11/32″ Port Orford Cedar clear lacquer dipped with solid color fletch, but please specify your shaft choice, spine weight and length from depth of nock to back of point.  Prices may be higher or lower for various shaft and color combinations.  We will respond to your email request with a price quote including shipping.


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