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The modern definition of Traditional Archery seems to include just about any bow that does not have wheels(compounds).  I will leave it to you to decide how much modern technology still appeals to you  as ‘Traditional’.  My own feeling is that I will provide the classic style bows and arrows with feathers. Glacier Traditional Archery prefers to work with natural materials to preserve the history and hand made crasftsmenship of this classic sport.  Most of my classic  bows are used but well cared for – and are 15 years old and older.  We do make bows from wood mostly in Native American or Olde English styles. They are self bows of Hickory, Pacific Yew or Osage Orange – and we do make  a number of laminate backings with natural materials.  We can make an arrow from any shaft material that you like, but  specialize in wood – Port Orford Cedar, Poplar and Bamboo.

Please check the pages below for examples of our products and please drop an email with your wishes and preferences.