Traditional Arrows

Although we can fletch arrows of any shaft or vane material, we specialize in wood shaft and feather fletch.  Shafts are primarily of Port Orford Cedar, Poplar or Bamboo.  Fletching is made from True Flite full length feathers to give you the best made and deepest colors of any brand of fletch.  Fletching can also made of Goose or natural barred Turkey.  All fletching is burned to shape to give you consistant shape and the best bond to the shaft.  That also allows us to make any shape or length that you want.  The standard fletch is a 4 1/2″ Shield shape – but you can choose from any that you like: e.g. – Parabolic, Banana, Pope & Young or Raptor etc.  Arrows are cut to your draw length and come installed with 125 gr. field points.  We have many other points including broadheads as extra options.