Glacier Traditional Archery replicates the ancient styles of medieval bows and arrows for use in SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events or medieval/fantasy reinactments.  The majority  of these bows are the classic ‘D’ shaped English longbow.  The arrows are fletched with the Olde English shape and self nocked. Arrows come standard with field points installed (which are required by SCA for target shooting) but we do offer a selection of Medieval stlye points for ‘show’ purposes or shooting for other events.  With a full wrap option, they look like the came off the Mary Rose.  We also offer several styles of Fantasy bows and arrows – similar to those seen in movies or on video games.  Entry level bows generally are Hickory or backed Hickory.  We do make longbows from Pacific Yew staves.  Arrows are made from Port Orford Cedar or Poplar.  We can make medieval age arrows from Bamboo, especially for personna from Eastern Europe or Asia.

We also make medieval crossbows with all natural materials except the metal bolt clip.  Bolts are made of Poplar with feather fletching and field points installed.  Bodkins or hunting broadheads are available and installed upon request.