Bamboo Backed Hickory Flat Bow


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Primitives bows are primarily made on a Hickory stave to allow a quality bow of a reasonable price.   The Bamboo Backed Hickory Flat Bow is made similar to the bows of the historic tribes of the northeast USA.  These bows were longer than the bows of the Plains and the Pacific northwest. They allow a longer smoother draw than a short bow to meet the general needs of the modern American primitive archer.

The Mountain Man or Rendezvous competitive requirements of most primitive archery events allow only bows of all wood, and usually backing of only natural North American materials.  Bows cannot have arrow shelves either cut in or added on the outside.  Strings cannot have servings or nock points.  We make our primitive bowstrings from artificial sinew with a ‘flemish braid’ upper loop and the lower end is tied to the bow with a boyer’s knot or timber hitch. These strings are of Dacron, so are as strong as B-50, yet meet all primitive requirements unless the competition requires completely natural string material.  We have complained of this requirement to a number of primitive event holders for safety reasons.  Artificial sinew is much less prone to stretching or breaking as materials such as linen or true sinew.

The Bamboo backing adds strength to the bow and helps prevent cracking.  It also gives a historical look simliar to the backing of ancient

Bamboo Backed Hickory Flat Bows are offered in 66″, 68″ and 72″ length and draw weights from 35 to 55 lbs.


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