Traditional Bamboo Arrows: per dozen

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Glacier Traditional Archery makes custom traditional arrows primarily from Port Orford Cedar or Poplar.  We fletch all our arrows with True Flight feathers which we believe are by far the best fletching feathers available.  We can offer any fletch color combination available from True Flight. We use full length full height feathers which we cut to specific length then glue on in our fletching jigs. This process allows the most consistence gluing pressure – better than die cut feathers. We then burn to your preferred shape using the Young feather trimmer.  This will give you a more precise and conistent fletch on your entire set of arrows. Our standard fletch is the Traditional Shield shape, but we can make Parabolic, Banana or Pope&Young shapes – or any custom shape that you like if you give us a picture.

This section specifically shows the Bamboo shaft arrows that come standard with an artificial sinew wrapped self nock. We can install plastic nocks at your request of many brands and colors – please specify your preference and we may contact you for a subsitute if not available.

Bamboo Arrows generally are about  5/16″ diameter, but can vary based on length and spine.

Standard arrows are clear lacquer dipped with a Traditional Barred cock feather and White hens, but we can add a crown dip in White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue or Black.  Other feather options may be slightly higher cost.  We can also full color dip your arrows in the colors mentioned. Arrows are not crested as that adds cost and they do not shoot any better.

Arrows will be cut to your draw length and come standard with 125 gr field points, matching the point diameter of the bamboo.  Other point weights are available upon request.  All arrows are priced per dozen with points installed.

2 reviews for Traditional Bamboo Arrows: per dozen

  1. Robert Spencer

    I bought 12 for my 50# bow this spring and have found them to be clearly better than my cedar shafts. They fly true. look good, and I have yet to manage to break one (although I’ve given them some good chances-hitting a plywood back stop and a 2X4 support where I had to carve the head out). If I ever loose or break (?) them I’ll want some more.

  2. Casey Seaman

    I received my dozen bamboo arrows and they have completely changed my archery experience. I’ve used wood, carbon and aluminum of different spines but none flew as straight as these. Beautiful handiwork too! I will be buying some hunting arrows before long 🙂

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