The modern definition of Traditional Archery seems to include just about any bow that does not have wheels(compounds) and many modern arrow materials are accepted.  I will leave it to you to decide how much modern technology still appeals to you  as ‘Traditional’.  My own feeling is that I will provide the classic style bows and arrows with feathers. Glacier Traditional Archery prefers to work with natural materials to preserve the history and hand made craftsmanship of this classic sport.  The classic  traditional bows that we offer are used but well cared for – and are 15 years old and older fiberglass laminated recurves or longbows.   We can make an arrow from any shaft material that you like, but  specialize in wood – Port Orford Cedar, Poplar and Bamboo.  Arrows can be self nocked or made with plastic nocks. Shafts can be clear lacquer dipped, or a number of colors are available for full length or crown dips.  All fletching is done from full length cuts and shaped with a Young Feather Trimmer.  This allows a broader selection of fletching shapes and the ultimate in precision in matching arrows in the dozen.  Arrows are made to your draw weight (spine) and draw length.  Arrows come with field points installed.  Other points such as broadheads can be requested for the additional cost.

For accesories we offer endless loop or Flemish Twist bowstrings made of B-50 Dacron.  We do not make the newer Fast Flight Strings as the choice of material is too broad and costly to hold in inventory.  Our strings are best for the older traditional bows, both longbow and recurve.  We also offer armguards and shooting gloves.