We emphasize the tradition of quality.

Glacier Traditional Archery works with natural materials to preserve the history and hand made crasftsmanship of this classic sport. We make our bows from selected woods in Native American or Olde English styles. Our arrows are hand crafted with attention to detail and quality. We look forward to enhancing your love for the sport.
  • All our bows, arrows and accessories are built for quality and authenticity. We have over 50 years invested in traditional archery and can craft your best solution for your next primitive event, youth group outing or awards ceremony.

    GTA has what you need
  • Our primitive arrows are made from Port Orford Cedar, Poplar and Bamboo.  We offer any color fletch feather that Trueflight makes, plus natural Turkey and Goose, that can give natural looking fletchings for a more historic look.

    Primitive Arrow Slider
  • We craft primitive bows and arrows primarily for Mountain Man Rondys or the Historical Reinactments of Pre 1850. Most are requested in Hickory, which is a good stable all-around bow, but we also use Osage Orange and Pacific Yew woods,  for the best bows that offer the performance wanted by experienced archers.

    Our work is both Art and Function