Warbow Arrows




These monster arrows are made on 3/8″ shafts of Poplar, Ash or Hickory for heavy Warbows ranging in Draw weight from 80 to 150 pounds.  The fletching is 6″ long with a special Olde English cut.  They come standard with a 23/64″ x 190 grain field point, but a 3/8″ medieval bodkin weighing 225 grains can be added for an additional $3 per arrow.  These arrows are sold by the dozen or half dozen. The standard arrow has a white or grey fletch but we can make them any color that True Flight makes for an additional charge of $1 per arrow. The standard length is 34″ but can be custom cut from 32″ to 35″ at no extra charge.  A half dozen is $60 and a dozen is $110.  Glacier Traditional Archery developed special a fletching tool and feather burner to accomodate these arrows.  There are very few places in the world that you can find these style arrows.


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